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    Discover Your Color Season by Qualified Professionals

    Dying your hair?

    Discover Your Best Hair Colors


    Never stress again about what to wear, what to buy, or which makeup should you use.


    The Gold Package includes a Skin Tone Analysis + Ultimate Colour Guide with: 50+ colors in your season, Your best base colours, Colour combinations, Jewelry metals, Celebrities with your palette, Top Stylist tips, Colors to avoid, Metals to avoid, Accessories, jewels & prints, Hue, Value & Chroma, Your Contrast Levels, Colour psychology and Colour season personality traits.

    The Platinum Package Includes Everything Above + All About Makeup: Extensive Advice & Your Best Colors for Foundation and Concealer, Blusher, Lipstick, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Highlighter, Eyeliner

    The Diamond Package Includes Everything Above + All About Hair: Your best hair colours, Highlights suggestions, Full head hair colours, Hair colours to avoid, Hair accessories (scrunchies, ribbons, hair bands, clips, grips, scarves and more) to compliment your colouring, Hair accessories to avoid, & Hair colour psychology

    The Diamond Package Is Our Most Popular Choice!

    Color analysis is a method that helps determine the most flattering colors for you based on your natural coloring, enhancing your appearance and allowing you to make informed choices in fashion and style.

    Absolutely! Color analysis is a transformative experience that boosts your confidence and brings out your inner radiance. It's a worthwhile one time investment in yourself, helping you discover your colors for life

    We decided to stay 100% online so we can serve everyone around the world!

    Always within 24h - 72h of uploading your photos!