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    Color Analysis System

    At Four Seasons Studio, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and accurate color analysis system that helps you discover the colors that truly complement your natural beauty. Our approach is based on the renowned 12 Seasons Color Analysis method, taking on the work of Kathryn Kalisz, adapting it to a digital space accurately and enhancing it by our own curated updated color palettes grounded in the Munsell color system and color dimensions.

    Why 12 Seasons Instead of 16?

    We believe in the precision and clarity of the 12 Seasons Color Analysis. While the 16 Seasons system offers more categories, we find that our method, which involves a detailed and personalized approach, provides the most accurate and beneficial results. If there's anything specific to be communicated to our clients, we ensure it is addressed directly and clearly.

    Our Unique Approach

    • Comprehensive Analysis: We digitally drape each client in at least 180 different colors to accurately determine their undertone. This extensive process allows us to identify the perfect palette for you.
    • Overtone Consideration: Unlike many other systems, we consider your overtone and how your features reflect your skin’s pigmentation, ensuring that we capture the full spectrum of your natural coloring.
    • Expert Review: Each analysis is meticulously checked independently by three of our skilled stylists, ensuring consistency and accuracy in every assessment.

    Why Features Matter

    Your features play a crucial role in our analysis. They reveal clues of the pigmentation of your skin's undertone, which remains consistent and provides a reliable foundation for determining your best colors. By considering your undertone, overtone and features, we create a comprehensive and personalized color profile just for you.

    The Munsell System Advantage

    Our color palettes are curated using the Munsell color system, which focuses on the analysis of color by using 3 color dimensions; hue, value, and chroma. This scientific approach ensures that the colors we recommend harmonize perfectly with your natural coloring, and that the colors are as accurate in the screen as they are in real life. Professionals all over the world use this system, from dentist's teeth shades chart, police drug tests, soil color charts,...

    Get Started Today

    Curious to find out which colors will enhance your natural beauty? Our team is ready to help you discover your ideal palette. Experience the difference with our detailed, personalized, and expert-verified color analysis.

    Thank you for choosing Four Seasons Studio! ❤️